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Umber Glow (2024)

Ohio University School of Dance Winter Concert, Feb. 17-18, 2024

Choreography by Katherine G. Moore in collaboration with the performers

Performance by Gwendolyn Cardimen, Lauryn Dixon,  Gabby Halliwill, Maralee Joyner, Kenyatta Jones, Emma Markins

Music by Nils Frahm

Lighting by John Bohuslawsky

Umber Glow looks to what takes shape within encroaching darkness. Performers traverse the space as players in a changing ecosystem, navigating transformations from creature to human and back again— what is decomposing/breaking/falling apart is always simultaneously coming together. As the ensemble performs phrases, improvisations, and movement rituals, they evoke images and energies of physical resilience within a murky landscape.

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