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the space between landing and falling (2022-2023)

Installation and performance by Katherine G. Moore
*This project was created with support from an artistic residency at Akron Soul Train.

the space between landing falling is a multi-media installation and solo performance created as part of a residency with Akron Soul Train in Akron, OH. Utilizing images, text, video, and a structural performance set, the space between landing and falling builds upon a 100 day archive of expressive, improvisational movement and writing from 2022, which I began following the end of my treatment for a rare form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. With the images, writing, and movement from my initial 100- day experiment, my intent for this next phase of my project was to create a multi-layered archive of embodied iteration, each component suggesting, but not quite capturing, the ephemerality of a transitional, unstable body through time. This project is an excavation of my embodied attempts to find a through-line within the fracture and fragmentation of illness. It is both falling and standing up at once. ​

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