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Be the Street- Hilltop YMCA Ensemble (2018)

Lead Deviser: Katherine G. Moore

Co-Deviser: Tessa Jacobs

Performers: Deborah "Debbie” Coffman, George Coffman, Marilyn Gibas, Patty Gibbons, Elizabeth "Liz” Hixson, Dennis Hixson, Annette E. Jefferson

Faculty: Katherine Borland, Shilarna Stokes

Videography: Mason Chapello 

Video editing: Harmony Bench and Scott Sprague

May 6, 2018 performances by the Hilltop YMCA group participating in Be the Street, an Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme project at The Ohio State University. The YMCA group shared a series of short, improvisational performances that explored the participants' relationship to their neighborhood and community through movement and storytelling. More details here. 

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