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Artist Statement

With a lineage in post-modern and contemporary dance training, experimentation, and aesthetics from the downtown dance scene in NYC, my practice is primarily rooted in physical investigation that  attends to the body's deep responsiveness to both material and somatic states and environments. Drawn towards improvisational modes of working, my work frequently honors the instinctual, the affective, and the often ineffable quality of embodied experience.  With installation elements as newer companions to my movement-based work, I research improvisation and choreography as processes of somatic inscription, as methods of creating embodied archives of that which seems unable to be captured: memory, sensation, time, place. Many of my recent projects have explored transformation and embodiment in relationship to somatic and environmental encounters– the body as “site” and site-based movement experience are ongoing threads in my work. 

As an artist I occupy many roles: choreographer, improviser, performer, community facilitator, educator, writer, collaborator, creative administrator— all of these are essential to my dynamic artistic process and my contributions to the field. Throughout my work in various roles, I center movement experience as a site of individual and collective imagining, well-being, and experimentation. My work thrives in collaboration with others, repeatedly revealing how the artmaking process offers me practice for living with cooperation, interdependence, and respect for both human and non-human. This work requires that I make work slowly, with care for myself and others. My work lives always in process, inviting space and time for reimagining new practices for living. 


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